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EMDR Certified! Looking for an excellent Therapist in Newnan? At The Wellness Counselors, LLC, we're dedicated to mastering the art of helping patients overcome difficult issues and start discovering the authentic person inside. With a specialty in integrative medicine, we help people struggling with mind/body issues, whether it is IBS, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, or other physical symptoms, we can help you manage your symptoms and possibly reduce or eliminate your symptoms.  You supply the vision for your future, and we'll work together  with you to help you succeed.  Whether you are dealing with PTSD, depression, chronic pain or anxiety, know this, that there is hope for you.  Life was meant to be enjoyed.  Located in Newnan, GA.


Striving for balance?

Everyone faces hardships throughout life.  At the Wellness Counselors, we help you find and design the life you want to have.