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Service fees:  $155.00 for intake/assessment. $115.00 for a regular counseling appointment from 0-45 minutes.  $35.00 for a referral or letter for a job. $115/hour for court appearances with a 4 hour minimum.  Phone consultations other than making an appointment, any time the counselor is speaking on the phone with patient, there is a cost of $25.00 for 1-10 minutes and then an additional $25.00 for each ten minute segment. No shows are charged $75.00 if a twenty four hour notice is not given.

The Wellness Counselors, LLC accepts insurance from Blue Cross, Blue Shield of GA, Cigna, and Aetna.  For all other insurance companies, we are out of network.  We can provide a super bill to all patients which they can submit to their own insurance carrier for reimbursement.  Patients are well advised to understand their own mental health benefits including deductibles and co-insurance.  Many people have extremely high deductibles for mental health benefits.

Top 5 reasons people pay privately:

  • Freedom to choose the therapist that is best for you that is not limited to a network.
  • Confidentiality
  • No labels- Did you know that everyone who submits a mental health bill through their insurance company has a mental diagnosis that stays permanently on  their health record?
  • Control
  • Finances- As most people have a very high deductible anyways for mental health benefits to kick in, you can choose when you want to see someone and for how long.  Many insurance companies also limit you to the number of times that you can access mental health benefits yearly.  Do you want someone else who doesn't know your needs to determine what you need for your mental health?